How to Download E Passbook Online | PF Online Passbook Downlaod

In This article i am going to explain you about how to download E Passbook online. I think you have already registered for Universal Account Number. still if you have not registered just click the given link to activate your UAN.(How to activate UAN online ?) Ok what is Epf passbook or E passbook?. EPF passbook that you can download from the UAN member portal. With this facility, you will see your PF statement with all transactional details at any time just by being online for few minutes. If you are new to the UAN member’s website of EPFO, this is the best guide for you. Since we have attempted to guide employees with numerous online facilities, this is related to your UAN activation. The universal account number is allotted by the EPFO to every employee.

Just follow my steps to download the passbook online. This is so simple. Take your Universal Account Number and ready.

If you do not know UAN number! Don't worry read below or else if you know your uan number skip the below lines and Follow the Steps.

(You can get it from your employee. In any case, if it is not yet issued, you can Check the UAN Status here . Employees’ biggest benefit is that they can download or view EPF passbook for multiple times during the month. Besides accessing UAN passbook, you have a host of other benefits of the UAN portal. It is also a breeze to transfer your PF account online from one company to another with the universal account number. First of all, know how to view your passbook and what details you can avail of it.)

Steps to Download UAN EPF Passbook

Step 01

Just Click here to go to the UAN member portal

Step 02
See the below picture once. There are two options
  • UAN
  • Password

If you have already activated your UAN online, simply Enter your UAN number and password then click on sign in.. If not, go through the UAN Registration Process .

Step 03.

Now you are in last window. There is an option of download.You should choose first on "DOWNLOAD PASSBOOK" Click on that and get download.

You Done.

Advantages of UAN Member Passbook

By viewing your UAN passbook, you can check the details of the account whenever you need. You will get details of month-wise and date-wise transactions. However, remember it will show the details of your PF account balance only from the year from when it is digitalized. You can approach you PF office to know the details of your account before the digitalization. EPFO also send yearly PF statement to the employers.

The UAN portal also facilitates employees to update their personal information in the EPFO records. If you want to view the UAN passbook, you should link your UAN with your PF account number. The details of all your multiple PF accounts can be viewed with a single window. This is the major advantage of the UAN EPF passbook.

If you want to avoid hassles of visiting EPFO office, UAN activation is the best way. Do remember that your passbook will be available online only if your employer has updated the challan and return. UAN passbook is a wonderful facility for all the EPF members. The UAN based member portal allows employees to get PF account information using the universal account number. If you are an EPF member and not yet activated your UAN, do it now to avail online facilities. The complete procedure of activating UAN is shared on our blog.

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