How to check UAN status online Step by Step With (Pictures)

UAN number is allotted to every employer who is a part of EPFO and EPFO identity is for lifetime. UAN number is a 12 digit permanent number. The UAN number is handy when you want to check information regarding EPF online. For getting the UAN number, the employer has to submit required information to EPFO portal and if you are not allotted the UAN number then you can check it yourself by UAN status.

Universal Account Number [UAN Status]

Hello Friends Already you know as  EPFO has launched UAN (Universal Account Number). Then have you applied for UAN services. Ok but what is the status of your application? Have your account activated or not? Do you want check the status of it? lets know Today I am going to teach you that how to check the status of UAN online It's very simple just you need to follow my instructions and get the status of UAN..Ok,

Step 01.
Just click here to go to the online portal of UAN

Step 02.
Yes.. now you are here
Is it wright? Now you click on  "Know Your UAN Status" as appearing on above picture.
It will be redirected to the online status window.
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Step 03.
Only one step remaining to check your UAN Status.

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Fill the details

  • Select the state (From which state you PF Account is opened)
  • Select office (After selecting your state offices names will be shown)
  • Enter your PF Details into boxes

Step 04.

Now......just click on "Check Status" That's it. You done...Your account status will show on the screen.

Still If You are not understand Follow The Below steps

Check Online UAN Status

For checking UAN status, make sure you have your 22 digit member id with you.

  • Visit the official Page of EPFO

  • From the drop down list select EPFO office and state, where as you select region and state the two boxes of PF account number will automatically get filled.
  • Here, enter PF account number, extension code and Establishment code and if you do not have the extension code then, you can leave it blank.

For searching the establishment code use below link

  • By clicking Check Status button you will be notified whether the UAN number is allotted or not.

If the number is allotted then it will show something like this ‘Your UAN’ is allotted for Member ID<Your member id> and please provide details to verify and the UAN details will be sent to you via SMS.

By getting this message means you have been allotted by the UAN number and now you can fill the details to get your number. Also with the help of UAN number you can check your PF claim status online.

Fill the required details as shown.

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Member name
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Password and confirm Password
  5. Then enter the captcha code.

After filling the details click Get Pin and you will receive it via SMS that you have to insert in PIN field. As doing so, your request will be submitted and will be processed in next 7 days. Once it’s processed, it will be sent to you via SMS.

Activate EPF Universal Account Number

Use the following official link to activate and check UAN status.

After activating create your login ID and by using UAN number check EPFO balance.  Once you get your UAN number, you can know your EPF claim status. UAN number ensures minimal dependency on working staff. Much information related to EPFO account can be found out that too without going to employers. The EPFO doesn’t generate multiple UAN numbers. By using given procedure you can check status on your UAN number and if you have withdrawn the EPF amount, you can still check UAN status and generate UAN.

Hope this data was helpful to you in valuable ways. In UAN portal you can check all information like UAN status, EPF balance and many more. If you have any question or doubt leave your comments here. Also remember our site for EPF related updates.

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