How to check PF balance online step by step (With Pictures)

EPF balance is the amount that is there in your EPF Account. EPF balance consists of amount deducted every month from your salary plus the amount that is contributed to your EPF account by your employer. Knowing your EPF balance can be a good indicator of your retirement savings. Are you employee? Is your Provident Fund amount deducting every month by your company? Every month it is going from your salary but how much deducted till today from the beginning of your job? Many of us do not check PF Balance?

We are providing the details step by step with pictures; How to check EPF Balance easily?

Just follow these steps to know your EPF Balance

Step 01

Click here to go to the Employee provident Fund window.

Step 02

Click on "Click here to know PF Balance" as we are showing below

Step 03

Just select your state in which state your are working

Step 04

If you select your state, It will shows the PF Offices list in that particular state, Now select the office location to which office your PF amount crediting..

Step 05 (Last step)

After clicking on your respective PF Office; The new window will open to enter some data like shown above

Enter the PF account number, Your name, mobile number and click on "I agree" then click on submit button. Ready your account balance will come to your mobile number. If you don't know the PF Account number take your salary slip and see. If no such number on slip; ask your HR to provide the PF Account number.

Still If You are not understand Follow The Below steps

How to check EPF balance online

Here are a few steps that list down clearly the process to check your EPF balance online.

Step 1: The first step towards checking your EPF balance is to keep your EPF account number handy. This is the most important information with respect to any communication regarding your EPF account.

Step 2: Open the link, and click on the “Know your balance” text at the bottom of the webpage.

Step 3: Select the state of the PF office in which your EPF account is maintained

Step 4: As soon as your select your EPF state, a list of city offices pertaining to that state will be listed down. Choose your city specific EPF office from the list. For example, if your PF state office is Karnataka and the local office is in Bangalore, then select Bangalore as the city.

Step 5: Now fill in your EPF account number, your name as mentioned in EPF records and your mobile number. Generally, the EPF number would be in the following format - TN/MAS/0054222/000/0000111. In case, the three digits in the middle are not there for your EPF account number, then leave the box blank and proceed. The first two alphabets in the EPF account number is the code for region and next three alphabets is the code for PF office. Accordingly, you can choose your regional PF office.

Step 6: Click submit and the EPF balance will be sent to you via SMS on the mobile number that you have shared in the form above.

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