EPF Claim procedure Online-How To Withdraw PF Amount

EPF balance is the amount that is there in your EPF Account. EPF balance consists of amount deducted every month from your salary plus the amount that is contributed to your EPF account by your employer. Knowing your EPF balance can be a good indicator of your retirement savings. Employee’s Provident Fund, in the year 2013, launched an online enquiry platform for fund balance. The idea behind the move was to give employees quick access to information related to their PF account balance. EPF is an important part of the remuneration structure of any salaried employee. Checking on EPF can give you valuable insights into the status of your PF account especially for instances when you wish to partially withdraw your PF amount or in case you wish to avail a loan against your EPF.

Two options are there to Claim your EPF amount.

  • Online- Transfer to New PF Account
  • Offline-Withdraw PF Amount
If you changed your previous job to current job; You can go to the first one to get you PF amount transferred. If you do not want to transfer; you can withdraw it offline.  


Method 01: Recently EPFO issued a new form to the EPFO Members who have already registered with their Aadhar number to UAN. In  this method NO NEED OF SIGNATURE AND STAMP of previous company. You can download PF Withdrawal Form here. Fill it and submit at your PF office.

Method 02: This is the old method. In this application; Required previous office sign and stamp. PF Application Form 19 need to download from EPFO. Or you can ask about EPF Claim Settlement Form in your previous office. or else you can download it in this website also. We will providing the link of Form 19 below. You can withdraw pension amount also along with it. The Pension application form 10 C is required for this.

Download PF Form 19          -        To withdraw PF amount
Download Pension Fund       -        To withdraw Pension Fund   
Keep ready PF details to  fill the application Form
  • PF account Number
  • Bank Account Number (Which you have given at the time of registration)
  • IFSC Code
  • Branch Code
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Date of Joining
  • Date of Quit 

Check the filled application form weather you have filled correctly or not? There is a chance to errors like spelling mistakes. Check your First Name, Surname, Bank details etc.We have informed you EPF Claim procedure. If you like our post kindly share it in your circles.

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