PF Withdrawal Form Download,How to Withdraw PF Step by Step Process

Download PF Withdrawal Form online to claim your EPF amount. Different forms are available to claim various benefits from EPFO. We have shown here how to download PF Withdrawal form and how to withdraw pf. We have given here the direct links of EPFO portals to download various EPF Forms. You can download Form 19, Form 10C, Form 13 and other forms. For your best convenience, we have provided links to download all PF forms. Large number of EPFO members are looking for PF Withdrawal form to withdraw it after leaving job. If you have already claimed to withdraw your EPF, refer to our post on EPFO Claim Status. You will know the exact status of your EPF Claim. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization is now offering plenty of online facilities for employees. We have brought all updates on this Provident Fund services here for your benefit.

Further in this post we have detailed on EPF withdrawal form and how to withdraw PF. A brief information on each form is shared. The precise EPF portal link is also shared with it. You can reach the exact page of EPF to download each of the form in few seconds. Form 10C, Form 19 are very significant Provident Fund Forms. All the forms listed below are used after anyone leaves or changes job. Either you can transfer your pf amount or can withdraw it. Forms are also available to apply for investing in LIC policy from the PF amount. It will be easier for you once you go through all the forms.

PF Withdrawal Form Download - Learn How to Withdraw PF

An employee who lefts a company and wishes to withdraw his/her Provident Fund which they have collected through the duration of their job can withdraw it using the PF withdrawal form. Most of the people are unaware of the process of downloading withdrawal form for collecting the Provident Fund. For those people, we have come up with a detailed step-by-step guide and tutorial to explain them the process of downloading Provident Fund Withdrawal Form through the online mode. Check it out!

Provident Fund Withdrawal Form

In order to claim your EPF balance amount, you need to download Provident Fund (PF) Withdrawal Form online. There are numerous forms that are available on the official website in order to claim different advantages offered by Employee Provident Fund Organisation. In this tutorial, we have come up with a detailed guide to explain the process of downloading PF Withdrawal form. Using the direct links provided below, you can download different EPF forms online.

Some of the EPF forms include Form 19, Form 10C, Form 13 and many other forms. In order to aid you in the best way for future reference, we have provided direct links for all the Provident Fund forms provided below. If you’re looking to withdraw your PF, head over this tutorial to download the withdrawal form and claim your PF. If in case, you have already claimed your withdrawal PF, you can check out the status of your EPF claim status online.

Besides the detailed guide explaining the process of downloading PF withdrawal form, we have explained about each and every form in a detailed manner. Among all the PF forms, Form 10C and Form 19 are pretty muchimportant Provident Fund Forms. The forms which we have compiled below can be used for an employee at the time of leaving a company and their job. In such a case, you can either transfer your Provident Fund amount or simply withdraw it.

Download EPF Withdrawal Form

Below, we have compiled a list of all the EPF forms that are useful for withdrawing PF amount after leaving a job. You can check out the brief description about each and every form provided below. Just hit the below link to navigate to the official web portal of EPFO website.

Click Here to Download EPF Withdrawal Form

Form 19

EPF Form 19 is used to withdraw your total provident fund amount which you have collected or contributed during the period of your job in particular company. You can either submit this Form 19 after leaving your company, service or retirement or termination from a company.

Click Here to Download Form 19

Form 10C

The Form 10C is another EPF form which is used alongside the Form 19 and Form 20. It is usually submitted in the direction of settlement of Provident Fund under old Family Pension Fund. The Form 10C is also submitted to withdraw Provident Fund under New Employees’ Pension Scheme EPS 95 or for issue of Certificate for holding membership. It is applicable only if your age is below 58 years.

Download Form 10c

Form 13

The EPF Form 13 is used to transfer your PF account from previous company to currently working company.

Download Form 13

Form 14

The EPF Form 14 is required at the time of requesting for finance your LIC policy from your Provident Fund amount.

Download Form 14

Form 10-D

Form 10-D is a Pension Form which is needed to get pension for the employee after the retirement. The person can apply for pension amount under his name or the name of a nominee. Using this Form 10D, the employee can apply for pension amount. If the nominee claims for person, he/she must submit Nomination Form 2.

Download Form 10-D

EPF Form 20

In case of death of EPFO member, another member of that particular family can submit Form 20 and claim the PF amount of the demised member. You need to submit other documents such as Death Certificate, Form 2 and Birth Certificates of children along with Form20.

Download Form 20

Form 31

This PF Form 31 is a withdrawal form which is used for getting loans and advance withdrawal from your EPF account. You can withdraw your PF amount before the withdrawal period for the purpose of loans for differentmotives such as medical treatments, house loan or marriage. EPF Form 31 is also called as EPF Advance Form or Advance PF withdrawal form. This is one of the most important forms among the above-mentioned EPF forms.

Download Form 31

How to Withdraw PF with EPF Withdrawal Form?

Here are the simple steps that help the users withdraw PF using the EPF Withdrawal form:
  • We have provided the direct link to the official website of EPFO. Navigate to the official web portal of EPFO from the above link.
  • Fill in all the essential details and submit them to the relevant regional Provident Fund Office
  • Make sure that your Form is attested by any bank manager, any gazetted office. 
  • You can also get attestation from Magistrate, post and sub post master, president of village Panchayat.
  • You can also withdraw your Provident Fund using your UAN number.
  • If you make use of UAN number, you need not have employer’s signature on it.
  • Further, if you link your Aadhaar card, the process of withdrawal becomes much more easy and simplified.
  • EPFO has introduced a facility to its users to withdraw Provident Fund with or without the signature of the employer.

Basic Details to be filled in the EPF Withdrawal Form

Here are some of the basic details that must be entered into the form of Employee Provident Fund Withdrawal form. Check it out!
  • PF account number of the Employee
  • Bank account numberof the Employee
  • IFSC code of the Employee’s Bank Account
  • Date of joining of the Employee
  • Date of leavingof the Employee
That’s it! This is all about the PF withdrawal form. Hope this tutorial guides you in the best way to downloadProvident Fund Withdrawal Form online.

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