Check EPF Balance: PF Balance Status Enquiry and Claim Status

EPFO is finally catching up with digitalization very fast. EPFO member can now check EPF balance online through the official portal. This post lists all different ways available to check provident fund/ PF balance status online. For those who want to remain updated on their provident fund balance without the internet, the offline ways are shared. Employees can get updates on their PF balance amount by calling or by sending an SMS. The different online and offline ways are launched by EPFO to provide maximum convenience to employees. Check all different ways in details and check your EPF balance status using your best suitable method. Employees provident fund is an integral part of any employee’s life who is an EPFO member. The online balance tracking is introduced by EPFO since 2011. Since then, it has gone through many improvements and innovations.

Epf balance check online Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat.

What is PF?

The pf means provident fund it refers to the contribution of money both employee and employer   in the form of monthly salary deduction.

 What are the Pf Eligibility? 

Must be an employee in an organization for the minimum time of 6 months.

How to register for the provident fund?

Generally, companies HR will take care of pf registration along with ESI medical services insurance and other facilities.

How to cheek pf balance and claim status?

Generally, we can cheek epf balance by visiting an official website of employee provident fund of India.

Which is EPFO .org are epf also you can visit regional websites of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore other cities across in India.

For checking pf balance epf claim status and provident fund status, all we need to have pf no name and Mobile number

How to check your pf  balance?

  1.   Visit epf,
  2.   Read interaction on provident fund website  before on clicking on pf balance option,
  3.   Click on the epf balance check option and select states like AP, TN, UP and other etc..
  4.   after those select regional pf offices.
  5.   And enter pf number. mobile no,  name as per the document.
  6.   Click  and agree to check your balance status.
  7.   you can pf balance details by SMS to your mobile.
This facility of ONLINE STATUS OF EPF BALANCE is meant for EPF Members to know the balance in your EPF Account up to the date, the accounts are updated, which also includes the latest approved transactions of settlement/advances/transfer-in/transfer-out, if any, offices across India. The only prerequisite is you must know your PF Account Number.


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Ways to check EPF balance

Check pf balance by SMS

UAN: (universal account number) is mandatory to check pf balance through sms from registered mobile.
Just send SMS as EPFOHO UAN <ENG> to 773 8299 899: from your UAN Registered mobile.
You can epf balance details in different languages like Hindi, telugu , Tamil, Bengali and other etc.

Epfo balance through missed call

This facility launched in 2015 along with    Android app for employment provident fund. Although online pf balance checking facility launched in 2011.but getting popular 2016 onwards.
  • Just give a missed call from  your UAN Registered mobile.01122901406
  • You can details like last contribution made to pf fund and whole account balance till date.

EPFO balance check by Android App

  • Epf India launched new pf app which is available on Google Android play store. You can download it on mobile.
  • With this you can pf balance,  download epf statement and check claim status.

EPF balance check By UAN Number & password

  • Just login with your  Epfo UAN number and password.
  • Click on services epf pass book /statement and check your balance.

Easy Way To Check Epf Account Through Online

Every employee in the world needs to have epf account for their future use. However, the epf account balances helpful after your retirement and many other critical conditions. If you have epf account, then you want to check the balance frequently. Being a member in epf account can give a number of benefits for you. However, this is the best way of saving and save your future. EPF balance is the amount that is useful in your future for those who having an account in epf. The account is created with the use of the month salary. The balance consists of the amount deducted every month of the salary plus the amount will be increased in every month salary added to the account. If you like to check the epf account, access online to check it easily. There are many methods are available to check balance such as online, via mobile app, missed call or SMS and UAN. These are the main methods to check the balance of the epf account. Checking your epf account can be a good way to save your future life. most of the employer have to face a number of financial problems after their retirement. With the use of the epf account, the financial problems are getting the solution after your retirement. However, this is an ultimate solution for your happy life after retirement.

Steps to check epf balance:

The process of checking epf balance is very easy for those who using the online to check their balance. However, the technology is improved, so the online provides a special facility to check epf account balance easily. The following step by step process will help the employer to check know their epf account balance without any hassle.

Step 1: first of all the employer those who like to check their epf account they want to open the

Step 2: in the homepage candidates want to select the state of epf office which your epf account is maintained.

Step 3: select the city offices pertaining to the state in the list o city,

Step 4: the page will be opened just candidates want to fill the page with the use of their valid and unique epf account number in the specific field.

Step 5: finally click the submit button, within few seconds the account balance will be displayed on your screen accurately.

These are the common steps help to check the account balance easily. if you use these step by step process, definitely you can see your EPF account balance present month.



  •     Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account                number.
  •     Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
  •     You will be asked to enter your name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be        recorded along with the PF Account Number.
  •     On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the       given mobile number.
Disclaimer: Information sent through SMS is indicative and based upon approved transactions only and is subject to further verification.

How to download epf passbook download online EPFO portal?

To download epf passbook statement you have to login with your bank account number and document number after that,you can view your epf passbook download history and download epf passbook from the navigation bar. then you can log out from epfo portal.

UAN Registration and status
UAN is (universal account number by epfo for its members)
Why need to activate epf’s UAN  number?
  1. It is portable when moving from company to other company(pf amount from previous company adds to your epf account).
  2. Seeded with the bank account, PAN card and aadhaar number.
Click here know more about EPF UAN Status & Activation.


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